Columbia Free-Times, Sept 12 2019, show preview

Koger Center’s Rock the Dock aims to offer before and after concerts around Hootie & the Blowfish’s three-night stand at Colonial Life Arena, and they made a logical choice with Grand Republic. In addition to providing atmospheric vibes and vaguely jangly indie rock jams that will sound great on the dock, the various members of the group are also roughly contemporaries of Rucker and company.


Columbia Free-Times, Aug 7 2019, show preview

Columbia’s Grand Republic sounds like it could’ve been on IRS Records in the early-’80s, and that’s meant as a compliment to the band’s tight, melodic and jangly guitar pop. It’s the kind of stuff they used to call “college rock,” with an occasional nod to shoegaze’s sheets of guitars.


Columbia Free-Times, Jun 5 2019, show preview

… the bill showcases two of our city’s best indie rock acts, the shimmering Gen X glories of Grand Republic and the swirling entreaties of Cayla Fralick’s wistful pop-rock explorations.


Columbia Free-Times, Apr 24 2019, show preview

Grand Republic is the ringleader, and the band’s winningly nostalgic indie rock blend, pulling equally from the more pillowy and more nervy aspects of the genre’s pre-identity crisis ’90s, is the biggest draw.


Columbia Free-Times, Oct 31 2018, show preview

John Furr and Troy Tague are the enigmatic creators driving Columbia’s Grand Republic. The duo writes songs with a gauzy, shoegazing indie rock groove. But don’t pigeonhole them — there’s a lot more here than a Pavement homage.


Columbia Free-Times, Aug 29 2018, feature article

Formed with longtime musical partner Troy Tague on drums and eventually adding a host of other scene veterans, the band developed its own distinctively hazy sound that recalls guitar-heavy British avant-pop groups The Stone Roses, and The Charlatans, but also the ambling sprawl of Built to Spill and the sonic tinkering of Spoon.


Columbia Free-Times, Jul 5 2017, show preview

A stacked lineup of veteran locals is becoming typical for Saturdays at Art Bar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the goods. The John Furr-led Grand Republic, who recently dropped their excellent, indie rock-classicist LP Tourist Trophy, is the more buzzworthy band here…


Columbia Free-Times, May 31 2017, LP review for Tourist Trophy

The opening “The Curse” [sic] rides a sleek rock pulse that calls to mind to The Strokes, but it refracts and bends through cozy distortion, borrowing Built to Spill’s prism. “Stab in the Heart” gussies the rough edges of Exiles on Main Street without dulling its rambunctious spirit, rivaling similar tricks pulled by the likes of Sloan and Spoon. With airy guitar tones and intensely earnest vocals, “Moon Is Loud” falls somewhere between Big Star’s Third and Weezer’s Blue Album — supple and unfailingly charming, but also distinctly nervy.

But the most impressive feat is how Grand Republic smooths these various flavors into its own distinct melange, with clever songwriting beats and melodic wrinkles that mark these songs as the work of an ambitious and vital band, one charting its own enticing course through the pop-rock canon.


Columbia Free-Times, Sept 7 2016, show preview

Perhaps the most surprising local debut of 2015 came from the band of veteran players in Grand Republic, culled from various legendary local acts. Subsequent live gigs proved that the Fade To Grey EP was no fluke, combining a gauzy indie vibe with potent guitars, like Radiohead played by guys who remember The Dream Syndicate.


Columbia Free-Times, June 23 2016, show review

Grand Republic lulled listeners with soft but substantive guitars and ’90s-style harmonies. The band jangled through songs with an REM essence, spinning together head-bobbing tempos with airy and atmospheric melodies and shoegazing leads. The fret work of “Yr Not Here,” the first track of the group’s latest release, melded into the breezy air with great harmony. You could almost breathe the music.

, May 13 2016, show preview

We’re most excited to see Grand Republic tonight who released an excellent EP earlier this year, and who don’t play out all that often. Led by John Furr (Danielle Howle and the Tantrums, Milton Hall, Blightobody), Grand Republic stay focused on Fade Out to Grey delivering quality mid tempo rock.


Jasper Magazine, March/April 2016: EP review for Fade Out To Grey


Columbia Free-Times, January 27 2016, EP review for Fade Out To Grey